Creative Handcrafted Jewelry by Total Delights

Total Delights

Diane and Debbie are the perfect creative partners! Their handcrafted Jewelry creations are made with Gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, freshwater pearls, Handmade Lampworks, and Sterling Silver.

Diane is a mother of four and has three grandchildren. Her first love of fashion was with hair, she is a licensed hairdresser. She has always loved to do crafts and just loves colors. Diane started creating jewelry when she took a beautiful necklace that her mother had that was made of Swarovski crystals. A few years ago she took it apart and made bracelets for girls in the family adding their own Swarovski birthstone colors. She gave them a picture of mom wearing the necklace. This sealed her love for jewelry.

Debbie is a mother of six. She has always had a very great eye for color and style and loves drawing.
Debbie and Diane have very different tastes and styles this is reflected in their creations. They both love to create something beautiful, that when a woman wears it she feels good.

Visit Total Delights to view their beautiful creations!

Read their beading blog articles at http://totaldelights.wordpress.com/

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