Make A Shopping List

Chic Things Galleria’s very own Christine Spencer recently wrote and promoted the importance of prioritizing. I couldn’t agree more! When it comes to shopping, I believeprioritizing your funds and goals is extremely important.
Most women have their grocery shopping lists ready to go in their purse, pocket, or wallet before they walk in stores like Albertson’s, or my favorite – Trader Joe’s. I grew up watching my mom cut out coupons, putting them away in an old shoebox and then as she wrote her list, she tried to match everything she wanted with her pre-cut coupons, and clipped it all together. My mom is smart, that woman. She is a big influence behind my motivation to help others save money. And as we walked out of the grocery store, she would always announce how much she saved!
So I ask you: Do you make a shopping list before you hit a boutique? Unless your shopping trips are never budget-conscious and couldn’t care if you spent $50 or $500, then you may be the type of person who wants to take the time to sit down and really map out what you want. But for those who do care about that dollar they spend, or enjoy spending a lot, but don’t really want to spend it all in just one shopping trip, I have 3 top tips that will help prevent you from being broke before the day is over:
(1) Buy a stylish notebook and pen for your lists, so that every time you take it out you feel pride instead of embarrassment. Here is one totally cute find:
(http://www.mychicthings.com, $10 and totally cute!)
(2) Stop for coffee in between a store or two. Taking a breather and relaxing gives you good perspective on what’s important. After you have sat down, people watched, and maybe chatted on the phone with a friend, really ask yourself if you’re still in the mood to spend money. During shopping breaks with my clients, we like to look at his or her purchases again and review what they have bought. If nothing else is a necessity, and he or she can wait on spending more on, say, accessories and shoes, I help them muster up control and walk away with me. Together, we know what is on their list for next time.
(http://www.starbucks.com for a mid-day pick-me-upper)
(3) Make sure you actually use your coupons! Don’t feel silly asking a sales person about the discount flyer you have in your hand. Usually, they are very specific what it can be used on, and what it can’t. That person may even offer to help you find what you’re looking for. Bringing a coupon doesn’t make you look cheap, it makes you look smart! Products are always marked up for the retail price. Do you know how much it really cost to make those shoes you’ve been eyeing? A 20% off or a “buy 1, get 1 half off” can help you in the long run. Remember, if your goal is to find amazing deals on fashion, you gotta be assertive and enjoy using a coupon, scoping out a sale, and yes, telling all of your friends about it!
(http://www.luckymag.com How much do you think she saved with her coupons?)
Happy Shopping!


  1. absolutely true....never be afraid to carry and use your coupons.

  2. Great tips, thanks! Taking a coffee break in between shopping definitely could help me to relax and recap how much I have spent! And, if I really need to spend more!


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